Top 5 Things You Should Know as a Home Seller about buyers!

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Home Selling Tips Cape Coral

Home Selling Advice Cape CoralTop 5 things home sellers don’t know about buyers, but need to.

  1. Home buyers decide to not buy your home before they ever see it in person.

Let’s face it, virtually no one buys a home site unseen. What sellers don’t realize however is that more than 90% of all buyers shop homes online. Now they may not decide to buy your home after only viewing it online, however they do decide NOT to buy your home after only viewing it online.

Case in point. Three of my last four buyers viewed less than 4 homes in person before entering into a contact to buy one of them. They weren’t uninformed buyers! They performed their due diligence online and didn’t waste time viewing homes in person that didn’t meet with their approval online. The quantity and quality of your online presence matters more than you know!

  1. When buyers actually visit your home in person, it’s just a commodity to them. A house if you will, but not a (their) home. Buyers establish an emotional connection to your house (now seeing it as their home) once they decide to sign their names to an offer to purchase. Never before though.
  1. Buyers who view you home in person, know in less than 5 minutes from arriving that they do not want to buy your home. 
  1. Buyers almost never offer as much for your home as they are willing to pay. They offer what they hope you might accept. How much they are willing to pay can only be determined after an effective negotiation. (If you’re not an experienced, highly effective negotiator who knows the local market inside and out, hire a Realtor who is.)
  1. Buyers are uncomfortable getting a feel for your home, when you are present during showings. Oh they may be polite, but they can’t wait to get out of there so they can say to their agent “wow that was weird”. Hint: if you must let them in, take a walk down the street so they can get a feel for your house to see if it might suit them as their home. Buyers shop within a range of specifications, but they buy based on emotion. It has to FEEL right!


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