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If you’re looking to buy a home or condo in the Southwest Florida area in the near future, you’ve come to the right place! My pledge to you as a home, land or condo buyer is to work with you to identify your wants and needs, and then work to fit those within your budget. I will never try to sell you a property, I will help you buy one; the one that is right for you and your budget. I’m always looking for way to help my clients prepare for their new purchase. Below are some useful tips I recently came across on how to better your credit score so you can get the best home loan possible!

How To Improve Your Credit Score

The 411 on how to improve your credit score

If you’re asking yourself how to improve your credit score, you’ve already taken the first step. It means you understand that, while you may not be able to improve your credit score overnight, learning how to improve your credit score is very important.Everyone’s situation is unique. But no matter who you are, there are a few things you should pay attention to when trying to improve your credit score.

Tips for healthy credit

Be a better credit manager

Getting better at managing your credit could not only improve your credit score, it can save you hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, down the road. And it isn’t hard to do. It just takes time, discipline and a little knowledge about the credit scoring system.

Don’t be late

Late payments, collection notices, and bankruptcies have the greatest negative effect on your credit score. That’s why one way to improve your credit score is by paying your bills on time.

Keep balances as low as possible

Your credit balances shouldn’t be more than 35% of your available credit limits. For example, if you have one credit card with a $2,000 limit and you want to improve your credit score, keep your balance under $700.

Put time on your side

The longer you can prove you have maintained good credit, the better. One way to improve your credit score is to establish a long history of paying your bills on time and using credit responsibly. If you keep the oldest account on your credit report open, that can demonstrate a longer period of active credit use.

Avoid excessive credit checks

Every time you apply for a new credit product, an inquiry into your credit is made. If creditors or lenders see a high number of inquiries over a short period of time, they may think you are taking on more debt than you can handle. So, while establishing credit history is an important part of learning how to improve your credit, make sure to apply for new credit in moderation.

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